Biennial Musical

Every student from Kindy - Year 12 has the opportunity to participate and shine in our biennial School Musical and other co-curricular activities. Through their experiences in the musical, students also learn the values of teamwork, dedication and empathy, developing both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

Peregian Beach College has presented The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, Back to the 80s, A Night at The Video Store, Hercules and Alice in Wonderland Junior.

Specialist Music Lessons

Peregian Beach College offers private tuition in a large variety of instruments. All private instrumental teachers conduct lessons during class time on a rotating timetable. This year our highly experienced instrumental teachers will offer the following instruments:

Peter Koppes: Electric/Acoustic and Bass Guitar, Drum Kit, Songwriting, Guitar Theory

Trish Couper: Voice and Stage Craft

Gavin Hamburger: Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet, Oboe, Flute and Percussion

Emily Nutt: Violin, viola, cello, double bass

Andrew Doonican: Acoustic/Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Music Theory/Composition

Junior School Music (Prep-4)
In Prep to Year 2, students explore music through a 50 minute lesson each week. They share their music with peers and experience music as audiences. They learn to discriminate between sounds and silence, high and low and loud and soft sounds. They learn to move and perform with beat and tempo. As they make and respond to music, students explore meaning and interpretation, forms and elements and social and cultural contexts of music. They make simple evaluations of music expressing what they like and why.

In Years 3 and 4, Music involves students making and responding to music independently and collaboratively with their classmates and teachers. Students learn to listen to music and become aware of rhythm, pitch, dynamics and expression, form and structure, timbre and texture as they explore and make music. Students extend their understanding of the elements of music as they develop their aural skills. Over the course of junior music, students will learn the various percussion instruments, the recorder and the ukulele.

Middle School Music (5-8)

Middle School music involves one 50 minute lesson a week discovering how sounds can be arranged, listening to and performing a range of musical styles and genres and analysing and responding to both own works and the compositions of others. Participating in classroom music means having fun creating and playing music on computers, guitars, keyboards and other instruments along with listening to and talking about the music we hear around us. As students grow, their musical skills increase and hence, a wider range of musical options are offered.

Senior School Music (9-12)

At Peregian Beach College students may choose to study Music over the course of Years 9 and 10 and again for Years 11 and 12. For senior music this involves three to four 50 minute classroom lessons per week. Throughout the course, students develop “audiation”, which is the process by which the brain makes sense of what the ear hears, or the ability to “think in sound”. They apply their developing audiation through exploring the musical elements: duration, dynamics, harmony, melody, structure, texture and timbre, within a variety of contexts, genres and styles.

Achievement in Music is judged by matching a student’s achievement in the assessment tasks with the exit criteria of the subject. These criteria are: "Composition", "Performance" and “Musicology”.

Instrumental Music

The instrumental program is extensive and conducted by a team of skilled and experienced staff. At present we offer voice and stage craft, strings, piano, flute, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and drums to students from Year P-12. The main goals of the music program are for students to develop sound musical skills and through their engagement in music, develop a life-long appreciation of music.