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Kindy Curriculum
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The Early Learning Centre incorporates an early literacy and numeracy focus with a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program that uses the Kindergarten Learning Guidelines as a foundation for its planning. These guidelines foster children’s development across the domains of Identity, Connectedness, Wellbeing, Active Learning and Communicating.

Teachers use a combination of child-led learning opportunities as well as intentional teaching moments to record learning and reflect on it before planning experiences that support and extend each child.

Educators follow up their planning with observations that monitor and assess children’s development in relation to the three different stages of growth identified in the Learning Guidelines: emerging, exploring and extending.


In combination with the Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, the Centre also adopts an approach to learning based on the philosophies of Reggio Emilia in Italy. The ideologies we share encourage educators and families to see children as competent, creative and powerful learners who actively construct their own knowledge.

We foster creative problem solving and exploration based on a long-term project approach to learning. Children’s interests are keenly followed and extended upon in small and large group activities, with learning documented and displayed for the Early Learning Centre community to engage in and reflect upon.

Families are invited to be involved in their child’s learning at all stages of the year, and are encouraged to become active participants in the Centre’s learning program.

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