Peregian Beach College

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Schoology is our Learning Management System (LMS).  Year 4 – 12 Students are assigned to their class/es and each class contains pages of information relating to the topics being studied as well as images, weblinks, videos and other media that will allow for students to revisit information missed or that needs consolidation.

LMS is a web-based tool that allows communication between student, teacher. Schoology has many different features and uses such as:

Forums for each subject to allow discussion to take place on given topics between students and their teachers and peers.

Files – Copies of assignments, tasks and marking rubrics will also be available; if students lose handouts they will be able to access a digital copy.

Calendar – contains important dates, homework schedules and other useful information.

Timetables – All student timetables are available.

Homework Dropbox – To allow students to electronically submit work from anywhere in the world!