Peregian Beach College

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Over the last two years Peregian Beach College has been upgrading its IT infrastructure to enable faster, safer computer access for the students. Fibre optic cabling has replaced copper lines allowing for faster speeds, and a new server has been deployed with structured software to manage our network more efficiently and effectively.

For Internet security and filtering, the College has also purchased ‘Rocket’ which allows us to filter all incoming and outgoing traffic ensuring students are protected from undesirable content out there in cyberspace. This facility can also be used to monitor student use of internet sites as well as enable us to manually ‘lock down’ unwanted content.

We have also made the College fully Wi-Fi enabled, which means all Internet can be accessed wirelessly from anywhere in the College…even outside!!!

In July 2012 we also had two major upgrades. First we upgraded our Internet to a microwave link-up with download and upload speeds in excess of 10mb, which is 8 times faster than our previous broadband speed. We also installed a new server to cope with the growing needs of our school.

The hardware that connects to this includes interactive whiteboards in each primary classroom and large plasma/LCD televisions in secondary. The televisions are each fitted with an Apple TV which allows wireless sharing of personal devices such as iPads direct to a big screen.