Peregian Beach College

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Digital learning involves the use of digital and information technologies to support teaching and learning. Digital learning takes place as both the explicit teaching of how to use the different technologies, as well as integration of these technologies in all areas of learning. Peregian Beach College has adopted a varied and innovative approach to digital learning, by embracing some of the current relevant technologies and putting it in the hands of our students.

Firstly, the school supports a multiplatform environment with both PC and iMac Lab available by servicing whole class and large groups for both Primary and Secondary students. In addition to this there are Interactive Whiteboards or Large Plasma/LCD Televisions in all primary classrooms. Students from Year 4 upwards bring their own personal computing device for use in the classroom. Years 4 through 8 bring Apple iPads, whilst Years 9-12 are given the option of using either iPads or Macbooks to best suit their learning needs. The College also has a mobile bank of iPads  that can be used with the Pre-Prep to Year 3 classes.

The staff of Peregian Beach College are constantly receiving professional development and training from both internal and external sources (like ‘Beyond Chalk’) to keep them up to date with the latest trends in digital learning. Some of this training includes the latest software in movie editing, podcasting, wikis, blogs and collaborative mind mapping. Consequently, teachers are able to deliver a curriculum that incorporates information technology effectively and for the right purpose. Knowledge and skills are taught throughout the school, so that students progress in the proficiency of their use with the various technologies. This is supported by a dedicated ‘e-Learning Facilitator’ who works with classes and teachers to assist in providing both technical support and ways of using technology effectively for learning. In addition to this, training sessions are available to parents so they can keep up with the technology their children are being exposed to.

The aim of Peregian Beach College’s digital learning programme is to provide the students with the skills and knowledge they will require to go into the ever growing digital world with confidence and a strong ability in varied range of technology.