Peregian Beach College

Visual Arts
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The Visual Arts program at Peregian Beach College is strong and diverse.
From the support of a rigorous academic framework, students are encouraged to express themselves, to direct their own learning and to connect their learning experiences to the world beyond the classroom.

When students take part in the arts as makers, presenters, critics and theorists, they learn to work within a medium to transform their perception, ideas and feelings into artistic form.

Our art studio has facilities for painting, ceramics and sculpture, drawing, print-making, digital media, and design as well as an art library and sophisticated visual communication tools that enable us to create a flexible learning environment and promote visual literacy.  The studio is open to students to follow their special interests and talents at a lunchtime art club.

Work produced by students of all ages is displayed throughout the College, and each year there are opportunities for members of the student body to visit or take part in exhibitions.

Our Visual Arts department consistently seeks to inspire our students and enhance their capacity to think, create and question.

For information on our lunchtime art club: Lunchtime Art

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