Peregian Beach College

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Moving to the Sunshine Coast.

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Singapore's best to visit College

A GROUP of high-achieving teachers from Singapore will visit Peregian Beach College next month to learn about a teaching program being run at the school.

College principal Chris Shirley was contacted by the deputy director of the Professional Development Branch and Academy of Singapore Teachers, Chan Yew Wooi, to lead a mentoring program for some of Singapore's highest performing teachers in the Great to Excellent Teaching Skills 2014-2018 (GETS) project.

The teachers will arrive on March 5 for 10 days and visit Peregian Beach College to observe classes, witness the GETS project in operation and engage with staff in a professional conversation about how to best facilitate learning for students.

Chris Shirley was interviewed by Annie Gaffney from ABC Sunshine Coast Radio. Please click here to listen to the interview.

Newspaper article link.