Peregian Beach College

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Why choose us
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The College is situated on 21 acres of naturally landscaped grounds and sporting fields on Old Emu Mountain Road at Peregian Beach. This is an important and deliberately chosen aspect of the College's philosophy. The College community and, especially, its students, have come to see this beautiful environment as something they hold in trust for future generations of families and students who come to attend the College.
Peregian Beach College commenced in 2002 as a Primary School. Its objective was to meet the needs and hopes of local families who were seeking a high quality but commonsense and responsive approach to the education of their children. The College aims to provide an educational environment which gives students a strong sense of personal worth and belonging and which attempted to reflect and promote the positive values of its families.
In the course of 2004 a strategic review was undertaken which led the Board of Directors to expand the vision and meet the further needs of its families through the offering of a full Kindy - Year 12 College Program. Peregian Beach College continues its planned development to this vision with a Secondary program which commenced in 2006 and the completion of Senior Secondary in 2010.

Peregian Beach College has a unique educational philosophy and a clearly chosen commitment to the concept of an educational community and community schooling. Community-building is seen as a value in itself as well as a critical foundation for a happy and successful education for its students.