Peregian Beach College

Sport & Extra Physical Activity
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There is a range of Sporting opportunities for students at Peregian Beach College. These include:

•    House competitions
•    District Interschool Sport (from Year 5 to Year 9)
•    District Carnivals
•    Extra-curricular sporting teams
•    Sports Trials for representative selection in Sunshine Coast Regional School Sport teams
•    Regional and State carnivals (by selection)
•    Sporting Schools program

These events provide the opportunity for the students to experience a competitive and team based environment.

Intra-school House Competitions
The College has 3 house teams - Jabiru (Orange), Curlew (Purple) and Emu (Lime Green). Students remain in the same House team from year to year.

The House competition Carnivals are: Cross Country (Term 2), Track and Field (Term 3, two carnivals Upper and Lower), Swimming in (Term 1 Upper, Term 4 Lower), Team sport lunchtime competition (Term 3) and Team Sports Challenge Carnival (Term 4).

The results from the carnivals are totalled across the age groups to determine the champion team for each of the carnivals. Parents are welcome to come along on carnival days and cheer for the students as they run, swim, throw, jump and work with their team mates.

Additionally there are lunchtime competitions in which the students can participate. The emphasis of these lunchtime opportunities is for the students to interact with other students from different year levels and is an opportunity to include physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. These are run on the Sport Education model which emphasizes the role of the students in facilitating the competition.

District Interschool Sport
Peregian Beach College is a member of the local school sporting association for both Primary (Ages 10 to 12) and Secondary (Ages 13 to 19).

Students are involved in team based interschool sport as organized by the relevant district association.

The number of rounds that are played in these competitions is set on a yearly basis to accommodate other major activities that may be occurring (for example the District Carnivals). The sports that are organised (depending on the seasons and student numbers) include: Netball, Touch, Basketball and Football (soccer). The students compete during school time.

District Carnivals
District Carnivals are held for Swimming, Cross Country, and Track and Field. There are separate carnivals for the primary (aged 10-12) and secondary (aged 13-19) groups. Students must nominate to participate in these carnivals. These carnivals are during school hours and are also the selection trials for the Regional teams.

Extra-curricular sporting teams
The students at Peregian Beach College are involved in competitions outside regular school hours. This involvement requires the support of parents in the role of managers and to provide transport. Participation in extra-curricular activities requires the payment of fees to meet the costs of club registration and playing fees and is dependent on student interest in the extra commitment.

Sports Trials and the Regional and State Carnivals
Students in both Primary and Secondary are eligible to trial for a wide range of team sports. Students trial to be the member of a District team to compete at the Regional Carnival (and then the State carnival if selected). These trials are for those students who have experience in the sport and show a high level of skill compared to their age peers. The sports on offer include: Touch, Netball, Rugby League, Football (soccer), Triathlon, Softball, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Track and Field, Cricket, Swimming, Cross Country, Rugby Union, AFL, *Golf, Surfing, *Volleyball and *Water Polo. (Note: *some sports are offered only to secondary students).


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