Peregian Beach College

Mission Statement
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Peregian Beach College provides a high quality and enriched curriculum offering with a strong emphasis on the Arts and ICT.  Community building is seen as a value in itself as well as a critical foundation for a happy and successful education for its students. Within this philosophy of education students are encouraged, and given opportunities, to develop a happy self confidence that is based on competence, self respect and respect for others and a healthy sense of independence. The students learn progressively to assume responsibility for their own learning. They also learn how best to be contributors in their personal lives and in a world where the need for compassion and social and cultural understanding are increasingly important.

This is an educational community which is deeply concerned for each student's nurturing and development. The College is concerned that each student be happy and successful both personally and academically. This is a College which is responsive to its families and looks to the happiness of its students as a precondition for learning and developing.

"To enable each of our students to realise their full academic, social, cultural, sporting and community potential, and to assist them in becoming valued members of their communities."