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Wendy Machin

The Library is open from 1.40 to 2.05 Monday to Thursday for student use.


When can I borrow books?

You can borrow or return books Monday to Friday from

7.30 – 8.30 ~~~~ 12.20 – 1.15 ~~~~ 3.00 – 3.15

Your class also has its own borrowing session every week.

How do I borrow the books I choose?

You may borrow:

  • Up to 2 books for Kindy – Year 3
  • Up to 3 for Years 5
  • Up to 4 for Year 6 and middle school

Sometimes it may be possible to borrow more if you have a particular project/assignment that you are working on or if you require text books.

You are also allowed only one book from a particular series at a time so that the titles are there to be shared by everyone.

Anyone may borrow from any section of the library except for the Teen Fiction section, from which only students from Years 6-12 may borrow.

Books which have a large R on the spine labelare Reference and they must stay in the library.  We have shelved these according to their call number so do check before you decide to borrow them.

Before you leave the Library, you must have your books recorded by the computer at the circulation desk. At lunch-time there may be a student librarian who is rostered to do this task for you.  If you are not sure whether you still have books on loan, ask us and we can check your record on the computer.

How can I look after the books I borrow?

Please make sure that you carry your books in a library or plastic bag to protect them. Many of our books are damaged because students put them in their backpacks with drink bottles that leak and we are unable to clean them, even if they dry out.

Some children like to look at their books in class and then forget to take them home.  It’s a good idea to keep them in your library bag until you get home and then, place them somewhere safe where younger brothers and sisters  and pets cannot get them.

It is not a good idea to lend library books to other students without returning them first as this often results in books getting lost. You are responsible for the safe return of any books that are checked out to you.

How long can I have to read the books?

You can borrow books for up to two weeks. You may bring them back before then if you have finished reading them. If you need them longer please come and see us and we will renew them for you. If it is a very popular book we can only let you renew it once, so other students can have their turn. You may reserve a book so you can be the next person to read it.  Ask us how to do this for you.

When you return your books, please make sure you put them in the Returns Trolley at the front of the Library.  This makes sure that they will be removed from your name before they are returned to the shelves.

You may borrow books over the Easter, July and September holidays but all books are due in by Week 7 in Term 4 so we can do a stock take.

What happens if I forget to bring my books back?

If you have a book for more than two weeks, we will send a reminder to your class to bring it back. If you still do not return it, we will contact your parents and ask them to help you look for it. If it is still not returned, we will post an account home asking you to pay for it.  Some of our books cost more than $35.00 so you really need to take great care of them.

You cannot borrow any other books if you have books overdue.

If you accidentally damage a book, please tell us so we can fix it. If we cannot fix it, we will ask you to pay for it so we can replace it. 

What if there is a special book I want and the library doesn't have it?

We are very willing to consider buying books that you want to read. Please ask Ms. Machin to put titles on the suggestions list.

Challenged Materials

In accordance with the Peregian Beach College Mission Statement and the Australian School Library Association’s Bill of Rights, we have a responsibility to provide access to opportunities and resources which reflect a wide variety of perspectives which will encourage critical thinking and help our students make informed decisions.  (The guidelines for the selection of our resources can be found in our Collection Development Policy)

Therefore, at times, students may be exposed to materials which present information, ideas or attitudes which some members of the school community may consider to be controversial, inappropriate or offensive.

Objections to these resources are an important part of the democratic process and should be treated as legitimate avenues of communication in education. However, challenges to the inclusion of resources are only considered on the understanding that no parents or carers have the right to determine learning or recreational resources for students other than their own.

To facilitate the hearing of potential objections and to guide appropriate action, the following procedure will enable different points of view to be clearly and openly expressed while preserving the principles of intellectual freedom and the professional responsibility and integrity of the school.


  • Acknowledgement of the concern by recording
  • complainant’s name
  • contact details
  • title of challenged resource
  • specific nature and context of the concern

Referral of the complaint to the teacher-librarian who will

  • check for previous reconsiderations of the item and if it has already been reviewed, the complainant will be given a copy of those findings and no further action taken unless the grounds for complaint are quite distinct from the original
  • inform the principal
  • initiate appropriate proceedings

The complainant will be asked to complete the "Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources” form and return this to the teacher-librarian. This form must be signed and dated by the complainant before further action will be taken.

On receipt of the completed form, a Review Committee will be established. This committee will comprise two staff members including a representative of the relevant curriculum committee if appropriate, two parent representatives, teacher-librarian and HOC. A chair will be elected by the committee members.

Each member of the Review Committee will receive a copy of the complainant’s request and a copy of the Guidelines for Reconsideration of Resources and will review the resource independently, bearing in mind the principles of the freedom to learn and to read so that a decision is made on these principles rather than on the defense of individual materials.

The Review Committee will meet within a fortnight to consider their decision and subsequent course of action. The complainant may be invited to this meeting.

The complainant will be notified in writing of the result of the request and the reasons for it.

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the result, a copy of the Peregian Beach College Collection Development Policy including the selection criteria for resources will be supplied.

The complainant will retain the right to refer the matter to the Peregian Beach College Board for further reconsideration.

The challenged resource will remain in circulation to all students until the result of the review is known.