Peregian Beach College

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Drama at Peregian Beach College, enables students to be engaged through purposeful and creative play. Students are given opportunities to explore varying dramatic works from a wide range of cultures, times and locations. Through these works, students become aware of how various characters are represented and what role they play in a given text. They are also encouraged to participate in dramatic activities whereby they explore their use of voice and become aware of the way their bodies move to create certain roles.


The Drama curriculum is organised into two strands – Knowledge and Understanding: Responding and Knowledge and Understanding: Performing. In Drama, students make personal evaluations of their own and each other’s dramatic works, making connections between their own understanding of the text and the meaning behind the way it was delivered. Students continue to learn about safe practices in drama and become aware of how they can act out situations that are familiar or perhaps less foreign to them.


As students move through the Drama programme, they are further encouraged to compose written texts using specific language and ideas to create dramatic action and extend the mood and atmosphere in a performance. They shape their dramatic works for audiences by exploring both traditional and contemporary styles of drama.

Every second year, students have the opportunity to participate in the College musical. This experience enables students to work as part of the College community and engage with peers from all Year levels to produce a dramatic piece of text. It encourages students to develop their ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings to others, thus improving their working relationships. It further embellishes on students’ creativity, as they begin to recognise how their own minds and the minds of others work as they enter into a ‘new world’.

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