Peregian Beach College

Pastoral Care Middle school
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Peregian Beach College has a highly valued Pastoral Care program that addresses the social and emotional well-being of our students. The Pastoral Care program is integrated into the curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 12. Our College principles and values guide all that we do at school, both in the classroom and beyond. The College values are: Inclusivity, Excellence, Service of Others and Reflective Practice.
The College has also implemented the You Can Do It! (YCDI!) Program, which focuses on building the social, emotional and motivational capacity of young people. The YCDI! Program is based on five foundations: Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along and Resilience and within these foundations are supporting 12 Positive Habits of Mind.
Students have one identified lesson of Pastoral Care each week although the College values and YCDI! Program are integrated in all learning. A major focus of the program is to teach young people to think more positively and confidently and take more responsibility for their learning.

The Pastoral Care program in the Junior school is directed by the classroom teacher and in the Middle and Senior school, students have a Pastoral Care teacher according to their house or Year group.

In the Middle and Senior school, students have Homeroom every morning for roll and announcements and a Pastoral Care lesson once a week, although the College values and YCDI! ethos are embedded in all learning. Students also have two Pastoral Care Days in which they explore social and emotional learning in more depth. The Pastoral Care (Homeroom) teacher is responsible for the general care and well-being of the students in their group and is the first point of contact regarding student-related issues (academic, behaviour, social, family matters, uniform standards, etc). 
During late Term 3 and early Term 4, the Pastoral Care program focuses on Sexuality & Relationship Education.  The program is based on guidelines provided by Family Planning Qld and develops five general themes at an age appropriate level: Keeping Safe, Understanding our bodies, Developing relationships, Healthy choices, and Living in the community.  Prior to the commencement of the program parents will be provided further details of the SRE for each Year level.

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