Peregian Beach College

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At Peregian Beach College our goal is to give every student the opportunity to enjoy and participate in as many different activities as possible.  The College provides this opportunity of involvement in sport with the use of the Multi-purpose Courts, 8 lane Swimming Pool and Sports Oval.

These sporting facilities are also available for general community use out of school hours.

Multi-purpose Court

The multi-purpose court is fully fenced and the surface is sealed with a rebound ace playing surface and line marked for tennis, volley ball, basketball and netball.  The court now has an umpires chair, upgraded tennis net, volleyball net and removable posts, grandslam basketball/netball towers with safety padding on the backboard poles.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool consists of 8 lanes which are extra wide for the comfort of our lap swimmers and squads. Water polo training and competition games can be held at the centre, as the pool boasts extra depth for such activities.


Peregian Beach College offers it’s students 『state-of-the-art’ instruments with qualified and modern teaching techniques as performance is a major aspect of our philosophy.