Peregian Beach College

Cyclical Review
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Cyclical Review Survey

A key function of the office of Non-State Schools Accreditation Board (NSSAB) is to monitor whether accredited schools (like Peregian Beach College) continue to meet the legislated requirements for accreditation. The NSSAB has established a cyclical review program in order to fulfil this monitoring role.

Through participation in the cyclical review program, schools are able to demonstrate that they are meeting the requirements for accreditation. It is the Board’s expectation that all schools will participate in this program at least once in every five years.

The first step in participating in the program is for a school to provide the NSSAB with a review plan, setting out how the school wishes to conduct its review. Peregian Beach College Board has provided the NSSAB with its Cyclical Review plan (Nov 2011). A key component of the Review plan is to survey Staff, Parents and appropriate students to ascertain their views on a range of matters. The results of the Surveys was collated, analysed and validated by a Validation committee in November 2012.

Upon completion of their review, all schools are required to provide a summary report of their review to the NSSAB (December 2012). The review report should set out whether the findings of the review indicate that the school is meeting the requirements for accreditation.

The NSSAB will consider all review reports provided to it and decide whether a school has successfully demonstrated that it is meeting the requirements for accreditation.