Peregian Beach College


To enable each of our students to realise their full academic, social, cultural, sporting and community potential, and to assist them in becoming valued members of their Communities.


Peregian Beach College is committed to recognising and rewarding student excellence in all fields of endeavour. As part of this commitment, the College offers a number of Academic and Music scholarships.

Golf Scholarship

Peregian Beach College, in association with Peregian Springs Golf Club, launched the Peregian Beach College Scholarship on the 26th of August 2009.                                                 

Latest College News

Peregian Beach College Musicial 2017

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Middle School Commencing 2017

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Peregian Beach College Facebook
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Sunday 23 July: King of the Mountain


Thursday 27 July: Musical Preparation - all day dress rehearsal


Friday 28 July:  Musical - Alice in Wonderland


Saturday 29 July:  Musical - Alice in Wonderland


Tuesday 8 August:  P & F Meeting @ 8.45 a.m.


Wednesday 9 August:  North District Secondary Track & Field (13 - 19 years)


Thursday 17 August:  Track and Filed Kindy - Yr 4


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